Sunday, March 18, 2012

39 Clues

Books Read:
Maze of Bones
One False Note
The Sword Thief

When Grace Cahill died, her grandchildren Amy and Dan Cahill were sad.  In Grace's will, she said there would be a competition for 39  clues.  If you wanted to be in the competition, you had to give away your $1 million inheritance.  Amy and Dan think about what they could buy with the money, but all the sudden they think of the contest and decide to join.  They race against six other teams, made up of distant relatives.  By following the clues, Amy and Dan can unlock a powerful secret.  Along the way they learn that their family is related to many famous people including Ben Franklin, Mozart, and even ninjas.  The other family members are all trying to get the Cahills.

I liked these books because they make you learn very interesting things while also making you think "Oh what's going to happen next, I hope I can keep reading."  Two of the characters are very funny - Nelly, their babysitter/Au pair, and Dan.  I am looking forward to reading the next book "Beyond the Grave".

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