Monday, July 23, 2012

Dog and Puppy Chapter Books

I like dogs a lot so I read all of my shorter dog books recently.  I decided to combine these together in one post since they are pretty similar.  I have two dogs of my own so I am constantly looking at dogs.

Me with Buttercup, Daisy, and Prince. 
Buttercup came from the shelter.
Puppy Place by Ellen Miles
       AR book level:  4.0
  • Goldie
  • Snowball
  • Shadow
  • Rascal
Alfie All Alone by Holly Webb
         AR book level:  4.3
Harry the Homeless Puppy by Holly Webb
        AR book level: 4.0

All of these books are short and quick to read.  They have quite a few pictures.  All the books deal with a puppy in search of a home.  In the Puppy Place books, two kids foster dogs while looking for their perfect owner.  The books teach a little about each breed of dog and good dog ownership.

In the Holly Webb books, Alfie All Alone has to do with a girl who gets Alfie as a puppy when her mom is pregnant, but they decide they can't keep him so they take him to the shelter.   In the end, he gets a new home.  Harry is a puppy whose owner moves and can't keep him.  A girl volunteers at the shelter and becomes friends with Harry.  He is a hyper Jack Russel Terrier puppy so he doesn't work with the first few homes he goes to, but he does find a home.

I liked the Holly Webb series better.  They seemed more realistic.  The Puppy Place kids foster a new dog every week basically.  These books help kids realize that it is hard to take care of a pet.  Getting a pet from a shelter or volunteering at a shelter can help them get used to new people and find a good home.  When I am old enough (you have to be 13), I would like to volunteer at the shelter.  I adopted a rabbit from the shelter last summer.

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