Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eddie: The Lost Youth of Edgar Allen Poe

by Scott Gustafson

AR Book level: 5.4
This book is a fictional story about the author Edgar Allen Poe as a child.   Edgar is also known as Eddie.  Eddie's parents died and ever since he has a demon who he talks to when he is lonely and is his friend.  The story takes place when Eddie wakes up in the middle of his neighbor the judge's yard.  There are a lot of people yelling at him.  Eddie's cat and the judge's prize rooster are tied in Eddie's pillowcase on the top of the barn.  To avoid a beating, Eddie asks for 24 hours to figure out who really did it.

I liked the book because it was a mystery book and the demon and Eddie's pet crow were really funny.  There were a lot of pictures in the book and they were so good they seemed like real pictures.  

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