Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Blazer Girls: Ring of Rocamadour

By Michael Beil
AR book level:  4.4

The Red Blazer Girls are a group of friends who are seventh graders.  They got their red blazers as part of their Catholic school uniform when they started seventh grade.  Sophie sees an old lady and screams.  The woman appears in a upstairs window by the church.  Sophie and her friends decide to investigate who the lady is.  The lady's father hid a 14th birthday present for his granddaughter the day before he died many years ago.  The lady sends Sophie and her friends on a treasure hunt to find what he hid to give back to her daughter Caroline.

Throughout the book, they use real subject skills to figure out the clues.  They use math, religion, literature, and other subjects to find the gift.  I liked this book because it had long and funny chapter names.  I liked that it seemed like Sophie was really telling you the story.  You'll like this book if you like mystery with a twist.  This book is kind of harder to read.  I had to ask my mom questions about the math and religion and some of the words in the book.  There are two other books in this series.  I want to read the other books soon. 

PS This book has love!

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