Thursday, December 29, 2011

Return of the Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

AR Book Level:  4.7

This book is a sequel to "The Homework Machine" that I already reviewed.  In "Return of the Homework Machine", they find out that the most important piece of the homework machine (the part that let them cheat on their homework) was not destroyed.  The person who finds it can do a lot more than just cheat on their homework.  In this book, they aren't just playing around because someone dies.  The kids are telling the police what happened like in the first one.  They threw the homework machine in the grand canyon in the first book.  One of the kids from their class went looking for it and meets up with Richard Milner who was the guy bothering the five kids in the first book.  The kids try to get to the homework machine first, but they are too late.

I like it because it's interesting and the teacher gets involved.  If you read the first one and liked it, try the second book.  I am going to read another book by Dan Gutman.

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