Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flat Stanley Series

Books Read:
Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown
Stanley, Flat Again! (AR book level 3.3)

Stanley is a young boy. He has a younger brother named Arthur. Stanley has a lot of different adventures. In Flat Stanley, he becomes flat because a billboard that hangs right next to Stanley's bed falls on top of him.  In school, our class mailed out different Stanleys across the world like Stanley's parents mailed him to California. I mailed mine to my cousins in Sweden.

In Stanley, Flat Again, Stanley becomes flat again because of his OBP (osteal balance point), a part of his skeleton that allows him to become flat.  First, he helps Mr. Lambchop's old college friend win a boat race.  Then, he becomes a hero by saving a girl in his class.

I thought these books were OK.  They are kind of easy to read.  In my opinion, they are for ages 5 to 7.

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