Sunday, November 27, 2011

Magic Kitten and Puppy

My dog Prince with the books I read
Books Read:
Magic Kitten: Moonlight Mischief by Sue Bentley (AR book level 4.1)
Magic Puppy: A Forest Charm by Sue Bentley (AR book level 4.4)

In Magic Kitten: Moonlight Mischief, Flame (a magic kitten) escapes danger by going to the human world.  A young girl named Eve can't believe she has to visit a family friend's kennel.  Then she meets Flame.  Flame makes the time away from home go quickly.

In Magic Puppy: A Forest Charm, Storm is a magic wolf.  He comes to Earth and disguises himself as a puppy.  A girl named Cassie is nervous because she doesn't know who to talk to while camping.  When Storm appears, she knows everything will be alright.

I read these books near the end of first grade.  These books are at an easier level.  You would probably like them if you like fantasy, magic, and animals.  The stories talk about getting through stuff in your life like Cassie learns to keep trying and you'll get there.  That's why I liked these books.

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