Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grace Lin Chapter Books

Books read:
Chapter books:
The Year of the Dog (AR book level 4.2)
The Year of the Rat (AR book level 4.6)
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (AR book level 5.5)

Picture books:
The Ugly Vegetables
Dim Sum for Everyone
Kite Flying
The Red Thread
Lissy's Friends
Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same

Grace Lin drew a rabbit because 2011 was the year of the rabbit.
I love Grace Lin.  I have read three of her chapter books and some of her picture books.  My favorite Grace Lin book would have to be Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  In this book, there are lots of old Chinese stories all over it.  They are real Chinese myths.  This book talks about a young Chinese girl named Minli.  Her parents are poor so she looks for the old man of the moon, an old Chinese legend.  Minli takes a journey full of miracles and stories and meets lots of different people on her way.  I have a copy at home that is signed by Grace Lin.

Other books I have read by Grace Lin are The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Rat.  These books are sort of like an autobiography.  The stories talk about two girls, Pacey and Melody.  In The Year of the Dog, Pacey finds a new friend named Melody.  They are both Chinese living in America.  They become really good friends.  They figure out their families are different in some ways, but the same in others.  In The Year of the Rat, Pacey figures out that Melody is moving.  Pacey doesn't like it because Melody is her best friend.  In the end, a miracle happens.

I liked all these books.  I was excited to meet Grace Lin at the Plum Creek Literary Festival.  She even called me on stage, but she didn't know she was one of my favorite authors.

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